Fetal/Neonatal alloimmune thrombocytopenia (F/NAIT)

Specialty: Hematology


Antenatal treatment: IVIG (with or without corticosteroids) is recommended as first line treatment for women with a previously affected infant.

Newborn with F/NAIT: IVIG is recommended as adjunct to provision of platelets for infants with F/NAIT who have severe thrombocytopenia.

Treatment should be administered in consultation with obstetrical medicine and transfusion medicine with expertise in F/NAIT.


Maternal dose based on the following risk stratification:

• Previous fetus with intracranial hemorrhage: Up to a total of 2 g/kg weekly starting as early as 12-16 weeks gestation.

• No previous fetus with intracranial hemorrhage: Up to 1g/kg weekly, starting as early as 20-26 weeks current gestation.

Infant dose: initial dose of 1 g/kg, reassess following initial dose.